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The fifteenth issue of Petersburg Theater Magazine covers the 1997-98 season. The main topic of the issue are the opening nights of this season.

The issue opens with a review article by the editor-in-chief, Marina Dmitrevskaya, which is entitled «The Season» and sums up the main theater tendencies of the year.

Elena Gorfunkel and Nadezhda Tarshis discuss Tom Stoppard’s Arkadia staged in Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater. Tatiana Marchenko presents her review of Play With No Name directed by Lev Dodin (an adaptation of Chekhov’s Platonov). Two other new theater works — Shakespeare’s Winter Tale, staged by Declan Donnelan and Running Wanderers by Aleksei Kazantzev, directed by Vladimir Tumanov) — are the topic of Marija Smirnova-Nesvitzkaya’s and Elizaveta Minina’s discussion.

The season of 1997/98 turned out to have a significant focus Shakespeare’s. The issue presents critical reviews of Winter Tale, Hamlet (Farsy theater, director Viktor Kramer), The Twelfth Night (Molodyozhnyj Theater, director Vladimir Tumanov). The authors of the publications are theater critics Elena Gorfunkel’, Anastasija Tereshkina, Elizaveta Minina.

Olga Skorochkina writes about Chardym (based on plays by Nina Sadur) staged by Vladimir Tumanov at the Baltijski Dom theater, Julia Shokhina’s article is devoted to Alexander Gorenshtein’s A Story about Tzar Peter directed by Alexander Galibin at the Alexandrine Theater. Julia Akimova and Ekaterina Gorokhova present a review of a an experimental work at TJUZ theater — A Late Devil. The topic of Nikolai Pesochinski’s article is the nature of theatricality in performance and Vladimir Mikhelson’s staging of Jet Fighter. Igor Vdovenko analyzes Klim’s production of Love for Love. Kristina Matvienko reviews Fugard’s Here Live People directed by Aleksei Yankovski. Goldoni’s Inamoratti (Comedy Theater, director Tatyana Kazakova) is the subject of Svetlana Spirina’s article. Elena Markova writes about Second Hand — a mime show by Vadim Fisson. Olga Savitskaya devotes her review to Marina Azizjan — a theater designer — and her Christmas show.

A collection of articles reviewing musical theater includes a season review at the Mariinski theater (Elena Tretyakova), Bolshoi Theater’s tour (Nora Potapova) and «Helicon-opera» tour (Inna Nikolaeva). Aleksei Pasuev, Elena Tretyakova, Aleksandra Derbeneva write about first new opera productions of Karmen (directed by Stanislav Gaudasinski at the Malyj Opera Theater) and Passions for Kashtanka at the Zazerkalje Theater. The ballet theme is represented in the issue by Nadezhda

Kavarina’s article on Morris Baejar’s tour and Tatyana Kuzovleva’s and Vadim Maksimov’s review of Nikolai Boyarchikov’s staging of The Ship of Fools.

The theater life outside of Petersburg is represented by Anastasia Kasumova’s review of Three Penny Opera (Adolph Shapiro, Tallinn), Marina Dmitrevskaya’s article about Mikhail Gruzdov’s staging of Theresa Rakin in Riga, Olga Savitskaya’s review of Small Tragedies (directed in Novosibirsk by Veniamin Filshtinski), Elena Gorfunkel’s writings on Skapen’s Tricks (Vladimir Vetrogonov, Novgorod), and Natalya Jumasheva’s review of The Man’s Voice (Barnaul).

Tatyana Zolotnitzkaya writes about Petersburg Theater Library, which is truly unique in its kind.

Olga Savitzkaya’s article is devoted to Akhmatova’s contemporary portraits of this poetess.

Section «About Sulimov» includes memoirs about Mar Sulimov — a prominent director and teacher. The articles of his former students — Anatoly Shvederski, Sergey Cherkasski, Tamara Abrosimova, Vladislav Pasi, among others — are devoted to him.

The 1997/98 season witnessed tragic losses. «The dark pages» of the issue are dedicated to Varvara Shabalina, Sergey Dobrotvorski, Alexander Khochinski, Andrei Smirnov, Nikolai Ovsjannikov, Vadim Ermolaev, Vladimir Beznosov, Semen Rozentzveig, Valentina Kovel, Dina Shvartz.

The issue includes a brief summary of the Petersburg’s theater life as well as short review notes on major theater events of the season.

Our Authors section presents the authors of Issue 15.

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