Петербургский театральный журнал
Блог «ПТЖ» — это отдельное СМИ, живущее в режиме общероссийской театральной газеты. Когда-то один из создателей журнала Леонид Попов делал в «ПТЖ» раздел «Фигаро» (Фигаро здесь, Фигаро там). Лене Попову мы и посвящаем наш блог.



The 20th issue of «St. Petersburg Theatre Journal» is not usual for it is completely devoted to the Moscow theatres. An introductory article of editor-in-chief Marina Dmitrevskaya opens the issue. In his essay the legendary actor and director Sergey Yursky reflects on the dissimilarity of the habitants of Moscow and Petersburg. Answering the questions of «St. Petersburg Theatre Journal» the prominent capital theatre critics Inna Solov’eva, Anatoly Smelyansky and Marina Timasheva tell about Moscow and its theatre life. After this in an essay «I’m walking down the Moscow» Marina Dmitrevskaya reviews the latest Moscow impressions.

The issue represents such Moscow stars as Oleg Tabakov, Mikhail Kozakov, Oleg Menshikov, Sergey Vinogradov, Julia Rutberg (they are interviewed by Marina Dmitrevskaya, Olga Skorochkina, Olga Jhuravleva and Svetlana Melnikova). The magazine tells as well about famed Moscow theatre directors: Jury Lyubimov (articles by Olga Maltzeva and Elena Gorfunkel), Anatoly Vasil’ev (an article by Elena Fomina, and a dialogue between Marina Dmitrevskaya and Viktor Terelya, the former student of Vasil’ev ), Kama Ghinkas (articles by Lubov Oves, Marina Dmitrevskaya, Eugenia Tropp). Olga Skorochkina’s article «Pushkin is our nothing» deals with Kama Ghinkas and Sergey Artzibashev’s performances devoted to Pushkin. Marina Tokareva writes about Konstantin Raikin’s theatre «Satirikon», Eugenij Sokolinsky in his turn — about director Vladimir Mirzoev. An unusual puppet theatre «Shadow» is represented through the article of Anna Ivanova. The issue includes critical reviews on the latest Moscow premier performances: «Mystification» at Lenkom, «Don Kihot» at «Et cetera», «Three comrades» at «Sovremennik», «Sea-gull» at «School of a Modern Play», «Iron Master Class» at the Theatre Agency «Art-Partner ХХI», «Enigmatic Variations» at Mayakovsky Theatre, «Dedication to Eve» at Vakhtangov Theatre, «Father» and «Sex, lies and videotape» at Tabakov’s Studio. The authors are Natalia Melnikova, Eugenia Tropp, Olga Skorochkina, Marianna Dimant, Anastasia Kasumova and Dmitrij Bur. The tours of the Moscow theatres in Saint-Petersburg are commented on by Elizaveta Minina (Theatre of Satire), Elena Strogaleva (Mossovet Theatre), Ekaterina Ghorohovskaya (Maly Theatre), Nadejda Tarshis (Ermolova’s Theatre). Alla Samokhina makes up the review of Moscow enterprise theatres production.

Oksana Tokranova’s historical feature article tells about M. Zagoskin, a director of Moscow Maly Theatre. Tatiana Moskvina, Elena Gorfunkel and Marina Dmitrevskaya share their opinion on several books: one, written by Natalia Vladimirova and Galina Romanova, describes actors Pavel Motchalov and Vasilij Karatighin; another presents Anatoly Smelyansky’s discourse into history of Russian Theatre of the second half of the XX century and the third are the diaries of an actor Oleg Borisov.

The musical theatre of the capital is represented by the articles of Dmitry Morozov (the review of the opera season), Inna Nikolaeva («Helicon-Opera»), Nora Potapova («Carmen» at New Opera), Julia Jyakovleva (about Moscow and Petersburg ballet), Natalia Zozulina (Moscow ballerina Natalia Ledovskaya). The section is completed with Elena Tretiakova’s review on premier performance of musical «Metro» at Moscow Operetta Theatre.

One can also read the notes concerning Russian national theatre award «Golden Mask».

The last article of the issue depicts the dialogue of cultures of two main Russian cities. The author is G. Karmanov.

The issue is traditionally concluded with the theatre chronicle section — short contributions telling about the events of Moscow theatre life.

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