Петербургский театральный журнал
Блог «ПТЖ» — это отдельное СМИ, живущее в режиме общероссийской театральной газеты. Когда-то один из создателей журнала Леонид Попов делал в «ПТЖ» раздел «Фигаро» (Фигаро здесь, Фигаро там). Лене Попову мы и посвящаем наш блог.


In the anniversary year (magazine will be 20 years) the magazine opens with a heading Memory of a trade. Marina Dmitrevskaya’ article «About the nature of theatrical criticism» gives a new sight at the nature of theatrical criticism, treating it as the art creativity close to production and actor’s art. Some materials are devoted to intro theatrical press (magazines and the newspapers, published by theatres), to its history and these days.

In this issue, the magazine begins with Marina Korzhel’ publication «Our small life», devoted to well-known critic Natalia Krymova. The author recorded Krymova’ conversations and lectures for many years and now have given them for the publication. Anna Stepanova reviews Vladimir Sappak’ book Notebooks of 1956, in which there are same figures of theatre, as in N. Krymova’s conversations.

In a heading 20 years is a considerable term Gennady Dadamyan, Igor Ovchinnikov, Andrey Moguchy, Sergey Migitsko, Ivan Vyrypaev, Igor Ignatyev, Vadim Gaevsky, Sergey Zhenovach answer on questions of the Petersburg theatrical magazine about change of a cultural situation in Russia for the last two decades.

The magazine publishes Pawel Urinov’ Theatrical photos.

In a heading Process, there is an information about new productions of Moscow and Petersburg, such as Mindaugas Karbauskis «Talents and admirers» in the Mayakovsky Theater (Paul Rudnev and Nina Shalimova’s articles), Rimas Tuminas’ «Quay» at the Vakhtangov Theatre (Olga Galakhova’ review and Anna Banasyukevich and Marina Dmitrevskaya’s statements), Jury Eremin «Don Kihot» in the Russian Academic Young Generation Theatre (RAYT), Andrey Moguchiy «Circo Ambulante» at the Theatre of Nations (about them Natalia Kaminskaya writes), Victor Kramer «That Dulsineya» in the Moscow Young Generation Theater (MTYuZ) (Oksana Kushlyaeva’s article). Eugenia Tropp, Maria Sizova and Nora Stoeva write about a performance of Alexander Bargman «Time and Konvej’ family» at «Takoy Theatre», Vyacheslav Dolgacheva «The Miracle of Sacred Antony» at New theatre is reviewed by Lyudmila Filatova, Elena Gorfunkel analyzes Andrzej Bubenya «On foot» in the Tovstonogov Big Drama Theatre, and Asya Voloshina analyzes a performance of Eugenie Kamenkovich «Gorbunov and Gorchakov» in Sovremennik. Elena Strogaleva gives the analysis of a performance «The Malicious girl» by Dmitry Volkostrelov in the Theatre of Young Generation of Bryanzev. Sofia Kozich gives a review of Andrzej Bubenya’s «Slaughter» in «The Baltic House».

The new heading Political theatre includes: answers to a question «What is a political theatre?» (Paul Rudnev, Nikolay Khalezin, Мaya Маmaladze, Grigory Zaslavsky, Alexey Platunov and Oleg Dmitriev answer), an interview with an actor Alexey Devotchenko, materials about the new project « the Petersburg Documentary Stage (Marina Dmitrevskaya’s articles «Doc or not doc — here is a question» and the review of Eugenie Tropp on a performance of «Antibody»), and also the analysis of the project «the Citizen poet» by Dmitry Bykov, Michael Efremov and Andrey Vasilev.

In the section Russia, which we don’t lose, there are articles collected about performances of provincial theatres. Tatyana Tikhonovets’s review «Here is all about Sahalin» is devoted to festival «Sakhalin’ stage», was passed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. There is one more Far East performance, which Oksana Kushlyaeva reviews T. Frolovoya «Ghosts» at the Drama Theatre in Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur. Travelling to the remote suburbs of Russia is continued by Vladimir Speshkov. His article «The Person of a rain» is devoted to «Duck hunting» by Egor Tchernyshov at Norilsk Polar theatre of Drama. Its article represents the new production of experimental performance of Chelyabinsk State Chamber theatre «Balaganchick» by A. Blok (the director is Larissa Aleksandrova). In the review of Victoria Aminova «William Shakespeare and we» the Shakespearian laboratory in the Saratov Academic Kiselev Youth Theatre  is presented. Nadezhda Stoeva reviews «The Blue Shawl» by Farid Bikchantaev at The Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre (Kazan). The first children’s performance in career of director Oleg Rybkin «Konek-Gorbunok» at Krasnoyarsk Drama theatre named after Pushkin is analyzed by Elena Konovalova, and in Marina Dmitrevskaya’ review it is possible to read about « Christmas festival» in Novosibirsk. The article of Yana Glembozkaya is about performance «August: County Oseidge» by Marat Gazalov at the "Globe" Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theatre.
The heading The House cinema is devoted to film-premiere by Alexander Sokurov «Faust». It is analysed in texts of the specialists in drama study Natalia Skorokhod, Anna Kislova and Nadezhda Stoeva.

In a section Musical theatre, there are the materials devoted and collected to opera and ballet new-productions. The section opens with an interview and notes of Marina Dmitrevskaya and Elena Tretyakova with director Daniel Finni Paska about his creative work. Eugenie Kiselyova is reviewed a performance «Hoffmann’s Fairy tales» (Vasily Barkhatova’s production) in Mariinsky theatre. In Inna Sklyarevskaya’s review «Mikhailovsky theatre: results of a year», there is given the analysis of ballet performances by Nacho Duato at the Mikhailovsky Petersburg theatre. Inna Sklyarevskaya represents the text «Gades without Gades: paradoxes of theatrical flamenko» and the Leo Zaks analyzes the concert of Florian Besh, who was performed Schubert «The Winter way» at festival in Dubrovnik.

In a heading Bench of a writer Nina Shalimova publishes the review of Alevtina Kuzicheva’ book «Chekhov. A life of the individual».

In a section Chronicle there is collected data on a daily life of the Petersburg theatres, about the information on new productions, tours, inputs, anniversaries, etc.

In sections Our Authors and Our Photographers are collected data on authors and the photographers, who are published in this magazine.

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