Петербургский театральный журнал
Блог «ПТЖ» — это отдельное СМИ, живущее в режиме общероссийской театральной газеты. Когда-то один из создателей журнала Леонид Попов делал в «ПТЖ» раздел «Фигаро» (Фигаро здесь, Фигаро там). Лене Попову мы и посвящаем наш блог.


The seventh issue of «Petersburg Theatre Magazine» opens with materials devoted to the current season in St.Petersburg theatre and several premiers of last year (1993/94). The article by Elena Vestergolm «The Grammer of Love» introduces the readers to Grigory Kozlov’s production «Crime and Punishment» (Young Spectator Theatre). In the articles by Evgeny Kalmanovsky, Olga Scorochkina, Julia Podzolova the reader will discover three different points of view on Alexandre Galibin’s production «Three Sisters» (Drama Theatre at Liteyny). The notice by Irina Boykova «Monsieur Georges. The Love to Trickeries» is devoted to the production «Monsieur Georges. Russian Drama», which has been staged by Anatoly Praudin in Alexandrinsky Theatre and which is based on the prose of Michael Lermontov. In the interview given to Leonid Popov by Anatoly Praudin the producer tells about his own work and professional views. «White Nights» by F.Dostoyevsky staged by Grigory Dityatkovsky in Young Spectator Theatre is reflected in the notice by Leonid Popov. Lilia Shitenburg and M.Pugel have written about the play «The Catcher in the Rye» (Young Spectator Theatre, directed by Andrey Andreev). The last two premieres of Maly Drama Theatre «Klaustrophobia» and «Cherry Orchard» directed by Lev Dodin are analized in Marina Dmitrevskaya’s article «The Other Theatre». Two opinions about «Lady with Camelias» (Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, directed by Vladislav Pazy) are presented in the notices written by Karina Dobrotvorskaya and Nina Rabinyantz. Svetlana Spirina has written about the director Tatyana Kazakova. Anna Ivanova and Anna Shepelyova have written about the production «The Dark Blue Beard» staged in Puppet Tales Theatre.

The traditional rubric «Peterburgians in Russia» is represented by the article by Valeria Lendova, dealing with the work of the director Vadim Tzhakaya in Novosibirsk.

Materials dealing with the history of theatre are devoted to the russian actor, director and pedagogue of genius Michael Chekhov. One of the articles introduces the reader to the magazine «Centipede» dating back to 1918 and being published only once. Several diary notes of the lessons of Michael Chekhov from Lettish archieves are published for the first time.

Articles by Anatoly Smelyansky, Marina Zabolotnyaya, Mala Pauers, Lidia Yakovleva will probably help the reader understand the phenomenon of Michael Chekhov.

Traditional Magazine’s Eduard Kochergin’s and Rezo Gabriadze’s rubrics are represented by their stories.

The article by Valeria Chistyakova is devoted to the famous ballerina Irina Gzebina. The other material is devoted to Innokenty Smoktunovsky who was a contemporary artist of the highest rank. The unique gift of the ballerina Alia Shelest in the ballet «Laurencia» at the Mariinsky Theatre is the subject of the critic Natalia Zozulina’s article. Professional position of Oleg Basilashvily is presented in Marina Dmitrevskaya’s interview with one of the leading actors of the Bolshoy Drama Theatre’s company. The portrait of the outstanding actress of the Bolshoy Drama Theatre Nina Olhina is composed by the critic Tatiana Marchenko.

The permanent section «Teachers» is continued in Boris Smirnov’s article about Naum Berkovsky and that by Karina Dobrotvorskaya about Boris Smirnov.

The tours of foreign companies in St. Petersburg are taken up in the notice by Julia Podzolova dealing with productions «Hamlet» and «Macbeth» (Theatre a.d. Ruhr, Germany) and in those by Karina Dobrotvorskaya dealing with the performances «As You Like It» and «Measure for Measure» Cheek by Jowl Theatre, Great Britain). Foreign musical impressions are reflected in ironical pictures by Boris Akselrod and also in the Vadim Zhuravliov’s notice dealing with the production «Troubadour» directed by Ishtvan Sabo (Staatsoper, Vienna). The conversation of Alexey Parin with the editor-in-chief of the magazine «Musik und Theater» (Switzerland) is in the rubric «Printer’s Sheet».

The materials of the issue are traditionally interrupted by two «Intervals» given up to high chronicle. The «Figaro» section includes the daily calendar of theatrical events and the ranking of St Petersburg theatre premieres.

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